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Not Even Past was founded in 2010 and developed by the Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin in order to bring great history writing to the public.  The History faculty and graduate students at UT Austin are committed to making our research available and accessible to everyone interested in History.

Not Even Past offers monthly features focusing on faculty research and teaching as well as weekly book recommendations, reviews of historical films, and stories about archival, visual, aural, and other documents that illuminate intriguing corners of the past. As historians at the flagship public university in Texas, we devote special attention to the diverse histories of the Lone Star state. Not Even Past has two spin-off websites: 15 Minute History is a podcast series addressed to secondary school teachers and students and synchronized with state and national history standards; and Our/stories is a place for everyone to write their own histories.

The title of the website reflects our professional and ethical commitment to understanding history as a public conversation about the importance of the past for our actions, values, and beliefs in the present and for the decisions we make today that will affect our lives—and those who come after us—tomorrow. And besides, it’s true: the past is never dead, it’s not even past.

Joan Neuberger
Editor, Not Even Past


Joan Neuberger, Editor

Henry Wiencek, Assistant Editor, Books Editor

Charley Binkow, Undergraduate Intern

Kevin Stewart, Undergraduate Intern (2012-13)

Yana Skorobogatov, Assistant Editor, Books Editor (2011-12)
George Christian, Assistant Editor (2010-11)
Ben Breen, Assistant Editor, Books Editor (2011)
Kelli Mosteller, Assistant Editor, Books Editor (2010)

Courtney Meador, Administrator

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